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CHELSEA BoConcept collections L’Argentin Lionel Messi avait notamment décrit Griezmann comme un « super joueur » avec qui il serait « facile de s’entendre ». On 15 December, Griezmann played his 300th league contest in the Spanish top division, a game in which he scored twice while setting up another, as Atlético Madrid won 3-2 away to Real Valladolid. Varane departing in the same summer as Ramos is a blow for Real Madrid, and another signal of their financial woes. Note that all the photos above were processed using Lightroom Classic, with noise reduction and sharpness left at their default value. With long focal lengths such as 300mm, it is not impossible to achieve sharp shots at 1/10s, but most likely this shutter speed is too slow to ensure sharpness on your subject, unless the animal is dead still. The excellent stabilisation system is also very reliable for still photography. You either prioritise the sensor or the optical stabilisation. In situations where you can pre-focus, it can be a fun mode to use to capture birds flying off or landing. Note that autofocus is not available in video mode if you adapt a four thirds lens.

Now if I take this advantage and apply it to the other side of the histogram, I’ll get brighter shadows in the micro four thirds image, and suddenly the result looks much better when compared to the Sony and Canon. In the highlights however, the micro four thirds camera is able to retain more details. What is interesting to note here is that if I overexpose the OM-1 image by one stop, I get a similar amount of details in the highlights as the two full frame cameras. I’m not entirely surprised by this, because I came across similar findings in my Olympus 150-400mm Pro review. Last but not least, the OM-1 has a lot to offer when it comes to customisation, with function buttons, custom modes and the My Menu section. Even when a duck put its head underwater, the focus remained firmly on its body. Similarly, the rear dial is embedded in the body rather than being on top.

Sergio Ramos - Enrique Burgos - Flickr Concerning the buttons, there is the extra AF-ON key on the rear on the new camera. The OM-1 takes two UHS-II SD cards with the usual options concerning relay, backup or file separation. The OM-1 can record 4K up to 60p, in H.264 (8-bit) or H.265 (10-bit). These specs, coupled with the excellent stabilisation system of the camera and lenses, make it an interesting tool for wildlife videos. You can’t record video on the two cards at the same time however. For an intense day of shooting, a second battery is essential if you don’t have time to recharge. If you own an E-M1 II or E-M1 III, you’ll be at home with the OM-1. If you want to know more about the OM-1 settings (autofocus, stabilisation, customisation) then make sure to check out my dedicated article about that. At high ISO however, there is less to talk about: the OM-1 displays more noise. In Full HD, you can record up to 240fps, but keep in mind that with these high frame rates, C-AF is not available. It is possible to record hand-held with a 300mm lens (600mm equivalent), provided that you find a comfortable position to hold the camera, possibly by resting your arms somewhere to be more stable.

It’s comfortable to use if you wear glasses. My only criticism is that you can’t use it with the touch screen. I managed to recover most of the details, only a few parts remain clipped. I’ve always found the E-M1 series to be one of the most comfortable to hold, even with large lenses such as the 300mm Pro. Also note that the Sony has more brightness by default with the same exposure settings (something I’ve already highlighted in my A7 IV vs R6 full comparison). Each section has its own colour, and the navigation works horizontally rather than vertically. France had and has great sportsmen in this sport. The oldest striped rose on record, this is the sport of the Red Rose of Lancaster, Rosa Gallica Officinalis. This article is also available in video form on our MirrorLessons YouTube channel. From our experience of photographing people, birds, badgers and deer, the OM-1’s tracking AF is sticky when there’s a clear line of sight to your subject. Then we have another typical scenario: cloudy day, slow aperture lens and bird in flight, when the ISO will inevitably go up.

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